The Gray's Agenda - What is Their Plan? Is it Really Evil?

Posted by Robert on January 23, 2010

The Grays have been visiting the Earth for at least a couple of thousand of years. So the question is: Why are the Grays visiting Earth? Many believe that the Grays are here to satisfy their own agenda of creating DNA and a genetic stock that will be clean enough to allow them to regenerate their race. How are they doing this? The belief is that the Grays are conducting their experiments through kidnapping some people and implanting monitoring devices is others. All of this is in an effort to preserve their race.

The evil part of their agenda really has to do with mankind itself. The very governments that are supposed to protect us have in essence sold us to the Grays in exchange for advanced technology. This would explain why the governments of the world are trying so hard to cover-up the existence of aliens with massive amounts of disinformation. If the general population were to ever really know the truth, the shadow governments would fall. So the evil falls with humanity’s willingness to sacrifice itself for a relatively small price.

Anyway check out the video series.



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