The Alien Interview


This video is an alleged interview occuring between military intelligence and an EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) at a secret military facility named S-4 which is located within the Area 51 complex. The footage is said to have been smuggled out of Area 51 by a man who calls himself 'Viktor'. The alien interview, which lasted several minutes, is shown in it's entirety above complete with narration by Viktor himself.

To this day, the true authenticity of the video remains unknown. Although it has never been proven real, it has also never been proven to be fake. Some skeptics, including Hollywood make up artist Rick Baker, claim that the supposed alien is actually a well done model puppet. Others, such as former NATO Intelligence Analyst Robert Dean, say that it was a real event.

In any case, it is hard to deny the sensitive emotions one feels when viewing this significant piece of footage. Read below for credible comments on the video.


Here's what the World is saying about the Alien Interview Video


Whitley Strieber

Whitley Streiber says...

" I hadn't realized until I saw this how familiar it would be"

" If this is fake, it's really good "

" It's very difficult to watch this... because somebody who made this knows something about the way they move. "

" I hope to God it's a fake. Because if it's not, I'm so ashamed for mankind. "

Whitley Streiber is a best Selling Author ( Communion & recently released "The Grays" )
Quoted during Strange Universe radio show, after being shown the footage for the first time.

Art Bell - Coast to Coast AM
Art Bell said this...

" In the first half hour, I sensed that... I wasn't satisfied with the quality of answers being given... "

"As the interview progressed, and Viktor to some degree began to relax, I began to get a different sense... and that was he was telling the truth.

I think Viktor was scared. I think Viktor really is scared.... and so my judgment of the interview after about the first half hour, is that we began to get some real information.

It was a significant milestone in broadcasting. "

Art Bell is a syndicated Radio Host for the world's most popular late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM. Quoted just after finishing a radio interview discussion with Viktor.



Rick Baker - Special Effects Artist


Rick Baker says...

" I just don't buy it. I would be willing to stake my reputation on the line on the fact that this is a hoax. "

Rick Backer is an Academy Award winning hollywood make-up artist who has worked on countless monsters in movies, including the aliens in Men in Black.



Robert Dean
Robert Dean...

" This is powerful. Because this is not a staged event, this is real.

I don't know how the hell you got this, and I don't know who the hell you got this from, and frankly I don't want to know who you got it from."

The level of classification on this kind of a thing is so far damned above top secret, that you can't even imagine how sensitive this is. And how tightly the government sits on anything like this. "

Robert Dean served as an Army Intelligence Analyst at NATO Headquarters in Europe.
Retired from the Army, he is now a highly regarded UFO Researcher & Analyst.

Viktor - Alien Interview video
and the man himself, Viktor says...

Interviewer: If the government has really been in contact with superior aliens (like in this video), wouldn't we see some evidence of it, such as amazing new scientific discoveries ?

Viktor: Limitless free energy? A cure for cancer? We might, if the government's motive was the benefit of mankind. The government's motive is control, and just as much as they crave control, they fear loss of control. Knowledge is power, but power does not necessarily infer competence.

The people at the top of this program are intellectually very average. They're not capable of making proper use of what's been handed to them and they have no intention of letting anyone else ever get a chance to solve the puzzle.

And let's not forget there's also the real possibility, that the government is being manipulated by the extraterrestrials for their own purposes.

Viktor is the man who brought the alien interview video forward. He claims he obtained the footage while working at a top secret facility named S-4 within the Area 51 military base.




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