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Are our political leaders reptilian aliens ? More specifically, is Vice President Dick Cheyney a reptilian shapeshifter ?

According to the new DVD by TruthSeeker TV, yes they are and yes he is. How do they know this ? You'll have to watch this episode to find out.

Brandon Corey - Real Reptillian ?


You should know however, that even though it plays out as a documentary film, the Brandon Corey Story is entirely fictional. It's entertainment, not to be taken literally. You may enjoy the interesting perspective this film brings to the table - what with conspiracies, aliens, cover-ups, and possibly even murder - but if you are seeking professional documentary based on real facts, this is not it.

That's not to say it doesn't have a glimpse of the real situation on our current planet Earth. There may in fact be reptilian alien political leaders. To support this point, well known conspiracy theorist, David Icke, makes an appearance in this movie.


While watching this one, you may be reminded of other conspiracy related events. The film starts off in a sort of interview situation, masking the identity of "Mr X", reminiscent of Viktor in the infamous Alien Interview video. As the movie progresses, TruthSeeker TV takes a page from the Alex Jones book by 'filming' a break-in-entry of the Bohemian Grove.

This new DVD by Truthseeker TV may not make a great movie, but we can certainly can say it would make an alright TV show. And this may in fact unfold, as talks are underway to get this series on a major TV network.


6.0 PresentationGreat effects, sound & narration. Plays out like a regular prime time TV show.
2.0 ContentA fictional story tied up in 'real conspiracies' - but we have to ask - is there anything here worthwhile besides mediocre entertainment ?
2.0 Overall


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