Chupacabra video still

Possible Video of a Chupacabra!

posted: Dec 15, 2006
by Hybrid




This footage recently uploaded to the internet is of an alleged extraterrestrial found on the outskirts of Mexico City.

"A friend gave me this video," said the anonymous uploader. No other information has yet been obtained about the video.

Mexico has been subject to a mass increase in UFO sightings along with another recent alien incident captured on video several months ago.

However, besides being a possible hoax, another possibility is that this video is indeed that of a Chupacabra...

The audio in the video below is translated as:
"Some young investigators encountered something that gave them a bad feeling in there stomach on the outskirts of Mexico City"



The Killer Chupacabra

The elusive creature known as the Chupacabra has been commonly reported in parts of Mexico and Latin American communities throughout the last 50 years. The name's translation is "goat sucker" as farmers would find their cows sucked dry of blood after witnessing a Chupacabra.

The way the creature in the above video is hunched over, suggests that this could in fact be the world's first video of a real life Chupacabra.


Notice the large slanted eyes and appearance similarites to the alien grey. Is a Chupacabra an primitive form of extraterrestrial on the loose ?

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