Fastwalkers DVD Review

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Fastwalkers DVD

Release Date:
May 31, 2006

DVD (Full Screen, Widescreen, NTSC)


As mankind ventures into the next millennium, new documentary films are awakening us to a powerful realization. Brand new interviews and unique material presented by an unprecedented lineup of credible people makes Fastwalkers one of these films. This one is a must see.

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UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied

UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied

UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied

UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied

In Fastwalkers, you will be treated to a ton of important facts. This is a reason Fastwalkers is highly recommended to not only avid UFO fans, but for people who might not know much about the situation. It's a tremendous learning opportunity, as the film brings to light such facts as the infra red Mexico Military UFO sightings, nuclear missile UFO events, contradicting government documentation about UFOs, and even more surprises that you will have to find out while watching the film.

Because of the over 40 highly credible featured interviewees, from major airline pilots to Navy Pilots to established journalists to US Air Force Colonels, this film carries with it a powerful magnitude of credibility not seen since the 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference. This is a must see for anyone new to this topic, and amazing 'perspective enhancer' to those of us who have some grasp as to what is really going on. The very fact that all of these credible people come forward with such profound information in a confident, professional matter, is evidence in itself that there is indeed an extraterrestrial truth, and that this is the most important issue facing our world today today.

One of the best aspects of Fastwalkers is the manner in which everyone discusses the UFO & extraterrestrial phenomena. It's plain and simple, stated in a bold way, as if the interviewees are having an emotional, personal discussion. You will come to appreciate the people in this film for not only presenting the facts, but also for their wonderful theoretical insight.

Some of the most interesting topics discussed are specifically about the extraterrestrials. What do they look like? How many extraterrestrial races are visiting planet Earth ? This type of content, along with even talk about Reptilians, Greys, and alien abductions makes Fastwalkers an informative, yet provocative watch.

Extremely serious issues are also brought to light. By viewing the film, it will help you realize the importance of political accountability on the subject of extraterrestrials. The implications of outside forces involved in our government are literally a global issue. Fastwalkers addresses this topic in a serious manner, but at the same time allows room for different theories as it carefully flows through some of the most frustrating political dilemmas of the UFO coverup.

Although most of this film is actually just 1 on 1 interviews, you will be treated to some excellent 3D animations, amazing photographs, video, and even one specific piece of never seen before UFO footage from the moon.

In a world first for a UFO film, this full 98 minute DVD was totally edited and mastered in high definition video. This means it will look great on your widescreen HD TV. Seeing the crystal clear quality certainly is a testament to Fastwalkers' level of professionalism.

FASTWALKERS is a film you will want to see again. Feel confident in showing the DVD to your friends & family as this is not only an informative documentary, but the volume of credible testimony, facts, and topics covered is enough to permanently change the way you look at this subject.


9.0 Presentation Impressive artistic packaging, nice effects, and a well rounded documentary presented in a highly professional manner. This one is prime time television material !
7.0 Content Tons of facts, a huge lineup of credible testimony, and a broad spectrum of topics covered.
7.0 Balance Unbiased & non filtered discussion gives birth to a new perspective into the UFO phenomena. The veil has been lifted, Fastwalkers are here.
7.9 Overall

(out of 10 / not an average )


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