Real Aliens


This video is an outline of the most significant photographic evidence of real aliens. While it is very possible that some of the photographs shown in this video are indeed fake or hoaxes, keep in mind the fact that it only takes 1 real alien photograph to prove that there is an extraterrestrial reality.

Unfortunately, most of the aliens shown are not alive. They are dead; their photos caput red during autopsies and medical beds. We can only speculate upon how these photographs were obtained, by whom, and where the real alien bodies may be stored today.


The Alien Grey

The most commonly reported alien, The Grey, typically stands no more than 3 to 4 feet in height, has long thin arms, large black eyes, and an enormous skull circumference.

The large black eyes are speculated to be a type of artificial lens. Underneath, they would actually have a white color and pupil. This is clearly visible during the alien autopsy video as the doctors peel away this outside black layer.

Origins of the grey, or at least human reports of the grey, stem back further in history than most would assume. The Grey is not only limited to Science Fiction tales, abduction reports, controversial images and video footage, but evidence of them can actually be found thousands of years ago near the dawn of human civilization. Ancient Sumerian artifacts such as the one shown below show a striking resemblance to the alien Grey.

Sumerian Stone Carvings of Alien Greys

As you can see in the video shown at the top of this page, appearance characteristics of the Grey can vary. It is generally assumed that multiple races of the alien Grey exist that have, or have previously have, engaged the planet.

Like any mysterious force, the true intentions of the alien grey are unknown. Considering the biological variations, there could be any number of differing groups visiting the planet, all with their own mission priorities. There is some information to suggest that in the 1960's a rogue group of alien greys met with the highest levels of American Government and arranged a deal known as the Grenada Treaty. Did Our Government Sell us to The Greys ?


Are Reptillians Real?

Suspected malevolent race of aggressive extraterrestrials, the lizard alien race known as the Repitllians have been the subject of controversy in recent years fueled by the work of David Icke. According to Icke and other theorists, the Reptillians have infiltrated government in total secrecy, masked by their ability to shape-shift from reptiloid form to humanoid. This allows them to pose as humans and apparently these reptillian/human imposters have been responsible for a world wide tyrannical agenda.

Less common than the Alien Grey, the Reptillians also lack in photographic and video evidence. However, one set of photos in particular does indeed reflect that of the Reptillian appearance, and is shown in the video above, and to a lesser extent, in the image to the left.

The picture shows for the first time a realistic looking view of an alleged reptillian.



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