UFO Hovering over Phoenix


Recent video taken by Rich Gordiano from Phoenix Arizona reveals a mysterious object hovering in mid air. The account below is from Rich as he describes what happened:

"This video is quite amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first spotted the object. I thought it was different at first glance so I kept on watching to see if it moved and it didn't. I had the camera close by and started to record about 20 seconds after first spotting it.

The more I watch the video the more impressed I was. It looks to me like there are rows of lights along with different levels of the craft. When I first spotted the object I thought I saw something shoot downward toward the ground but wasn't sure until I zoomed in on the object and saw a white light hovering directly underneath the center of the craft. I point it out on the video.

It's hard to tell how big the craft was but if I was to make a guess I would say it was 4 or 5 football fields long (1/4 mile). It seemed to be about 15 to 20 miles from my house and several thousand feet high. The light post in the video shows about how high and how big this object probably is. I'm sure there is someone out there who could calculate that for me. Lightpost was about a block away.

The sighting was impressive but ended with a thud. As I decided to get the tripod I tripped over my dog and broke my fall with the camera in a frantic rush to get back as quick as possible to the UFO. The battery dislodged and slid across the pool deck wasting more time. As luck would have it the object was gone or turned off it's lights by the time I got back. Which was only about 1 minute or less. I was lucky to record such an object but probably missed the most important part. Makes you wonder why things turned out that way. "

Richard Giordano,


Host - AzSkywatchers radio






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