Yukon UFO: It Came From Heaven

Documentary Review

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Last aired on January 24, 2006 on APTN


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Documentary Review

It was a cold winter night in the Yukon, December 12, 1996. Over 30 people witnessed a massive UFO slowly hovering across the sky. "I could see it move by the big dipper", explains one woman, "and as it passed the big dipper I could tell it was about the same length."

Canada's APTN channel recently featured "It Came From Heaven", a one hour documentary about the most significant UFO event in Yukon history. The documentary features not only an informative, well presented series of facts and witness testimony about the UFO, but an interesting perspective about the general UFO phenomena from an Aboriginal perspective.

Overall it was a very well put together documentary. It starts off by establishing the setting of this Yukon UFO event and moving on to tell about the story as it is narrated, re-enacted, and told by first hand witnesses to the craft. After watching "It Came From Heaven" you'll find it really hard to deny that something huge was hovering over a Yukon highway on that quiet night.


Enormous Hovering Object

"The size of it, I would say, was the size of a football field," said one witness. "Saucer shaped". The witness, who chose to be anonymous and have his voice scrambled, said that when he stopped and pulled his truck over to get a closer look, his 2-way radio malfunctioned. Nothing but static.

Even on this dark December night, on the 541 KM stretch of highway between Whitehorse and Kalmax, other traffic had pulled over to the side of the road to take a closer look. They all stood in awe of what they were seeing.

"I don't know if it was human. Look at how loud a helicopter makes just to get off the ground! This thing was as big as a football field, but made no noise as it hovered across the sky."

A nearby highway restaurant owner was interviewed and described the excitement people had as they came in shortly after the event took place. "Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was excited - people were drawing it, talking about it, and getting excited at the same time because they realized they were all talking about the same object."

Other witnesses were not so excited. A 16 year old boy was riding his bike over a bridge when the object hovered directly above. He was so scared, he put his face down to the ground and lied motionless. The boy, who was not available for comment, was described by his Grandmother as being frightened to even go outside even weeks after.

Also discussed in the documentary, is the aboriginal historical perspective on the UFO phenomenon in Yukon and it's possible connections to extraterrestrials. It appears that the Native past has similar "otherworldly origins" that is shared among other cultures of the world.

The documentary concludes with an interesting perspective from some of the aboriginals. The Aboriginal people are naturally great story tellers, and their traditions of passing on real events span generations and generations. I must admit, it really is neat to hear them talk about this UFO and the phenomena. Like one old man said, "I think they want to meet with us, and are awaiting to have that meeting".

If you have never heard about the Yukon UFO, this is a must see. Also, the documentary was of such quality that it is just a good watch and will certainly provoke your interest into the subject. You might even find yourself outside on a cold winter night looking up to the stars and waiting... waiting to see something big.


6.0 Presentation Great execution, flow, and entertaining presentation with good camera work, special effects, and narration.
7.5 Content The story is described with perfect clarity, giving you a real sense of what it was like to witness this strange UFO
7.0 Balance The issue of government cover up was brought up in the documentary, but shown in a neutral way leaving the viewer to his own logical reasoning.
7.4 Overall

(out of 10 / not an average )



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