NASA “Accidentally” Erased the Original Moon Landing Tapes

Posted by Robert on July 17, 2009

An unlikely story has been distributed by NASA yet again. Officials at NASA, the space agency that has been receiving billions of dollars a year in United States government funding, admitted that the original recordings of the first humans on the moon in 1969 were erased because NASA had a shortage of tapes in which to record other material. This shortage, of course, was due to lack of money to purchase new recordable media.

However, NASA claims that the historical event is not lost because they provided copies of the recording to various news agencies. In a brilliant counter-information move NASA has “obtained” a copy of the recording and they are having the copy digitally re-mastered so a copy can be saved for historical purposes.

The missing recordings were first reported in 2006 when no one could find the original recordings of the July 20, 1969 moon landing. The conclusion was finally reached in 2009 upon the discovery of thousands of tapes that had been magnetically erased for re-use.

Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley stated: “It’s surprising to me that NASA didn’t have the common sense to save perhaps the most important historical event in the 20th century.” Brinkley noted the NASA managed to save all sorts of data and artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission but did not deem it necessary to preserve the video recordings from the actual moon landing itself.

The first moon landing was indeed a giant step for mankind. It was a real historical moment for the human race. So the question is: How could the original recordings of the moon landing have been erased in an era where even the most trivial items are saved for historical purposes? The answer should be obvious. There was something on the original moon landing recordings that the government did not want the public to see.

It would not be a surprise if the original recordings were not destroyed but the manufactured story of their destruction is a ploy to stop others from requesting to study the original footage. In fact the originals are probably stored in a super-classified facility where only a few “insiders” know of their existence.

It is even possible that the original recordings of the moon landing in July of 1969 were in fact deliberately erased. Why would they do that you may ask? Well, maybe there was indeed evidence on those recordings that we are not alone in the universe. Perhaps the evidence was so indisputable that, if discovered, no lies or cover-up attempt could dispute the existence of extra terrestrial life.

But another question comes to mind. Would it not be possible to see the evidence, if any, on the copies of the moon landing recording? Well yes it would be possible, if the copies were not altered before they were distributed. And now they are letting Hollywood digitally re-make, oops I mean digitally re-master, a copy of the moon landing. This re-mastered version is sure to become the de facto standard that will be distributed. And you can be sure that any evidence of the alteration of the recording will be destroyed in the “re-mastering” of the recordings.

Of course this leaves us only to imagine what may have been on the original recordings of the moon landing. Any speculation of the contents of the tapes will only lead the government to spreading more misinformation and labeling the speculators are wackos or nut jobs. Regardless of what was on the tapes, it obviously was something that the public was never meant to see.



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