alien video captured by Stan Romanek

Alien Caught on Video by Stan Romanek

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A press conference today held in Denver revealed an alien caught on video during an attempted abduction.

The above footage is NOT the the actual video in question.   It is most likely nothing more than a 3D rendered animation, created by a technically skilled artist.

The real video was taken by Stan Romanek.   Yet, the only evidence released so far has been one still photograph, shown below, featuring a shadowy creature crouching outside Stan's bedroom window.

alien video

The footage was not taken by chance.   Stan actually expected aliens to be within his nearby vicinity and started rolling the camera to catch them.

How Stan Knew They Were Coming

Stan has been subject to a series of extraterrestrial abductions. This wasn't his first experience...

In the Late December of 2000, Stan was videotaping scenery at a popular tourist area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. That night, Stan pursued to find an even better scenic shot by navigating through back roads. As he drove up to a new area, other cars were already pulled over with people standing outside their vehicles, looking & pointing upwards into the sky.

A large, multi-orbed UFO was hovering in front of him.

The UFO slowly hovered near Stan's car, then without warning it zipped away. This would only be the beginning of Stan's experiences.

Stan Romanek 2 Stan Romanek 2

Late at night in the next year, Stan was suddenly awakened from knock on his hallway door. As he recalls, three extraterrestrial beings awaited him.

The next morning Stan awoke with scars on his body, which glowed when examined under fluorescent lights, an apparent trait of other abduction cases.

In addition to Stan's physical contacts he has had a number of other significant UFO sightings and encounters, including one that was picked up by Fox News in 2001.

Maximizing Monetary Value of Alien Video

If you captured an alien on video what would you do? Most people would do one of two things. Before racing to get it released to the world by spreading the video file across the web, it might cross your mind to withhold the footage in the interest of "maximizing monetary value". By that I mean, you lock it away and sell it. It seems that Stan has taken the latter choice by withholding the full footage in the interest of maximizing a monetary return by releasing it in the form of a documentary.

In today's culture, you can't blame Stan for making this choice. He is after all intending to release it, and perhaps by taking it to the documentary platform he will be able to more effectively get the message out.

Although, it does certainly put his credibility and the potential authenticity of the video into question. Since we already know there is monetary interest involved in the case, one cannot rule out that the entire thing has been fabricated as a strategy to make money.

Stan's FULL VIDEO: Coming Soon

The video was shown at the Denver press conference. According to the Denver Post:

"Over the course of three minutes or so, the footage shows a white creature with a balloon-shaped head that keeps popping up and down in a windowsill that was 8 feet above ground. The face was white, with large black eyes that seemed to blink.

The creature would slowly pop its head up and peer through the window then drop suddenly down, apparently trying to avoid detection. It raised its head up about a half dozen times. The alien's other body parts were not visible.

It was unclear whether the creature was taller than 8 feet and was crouching to avoid detection or whether it was standing on something. It also was difficult, because of the faintness of the object, to tell whether it was three dimensional."

Regardless of whether or not you believe that Stan actually has video footage of a real alien, he and his friend Jeff Peckman intend to release their full footage in an upcoming documentary film.

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