Six UFO Formation Spotted Over the UK

Posted by Robert on August 28, 2008

While enjoying a cigarette out side of his home, a retired painter spotted a flying formation of six UFOs. John Petros described what he saw from his balcony as a bright red light in the night sky.

Shortly after he spotted the red light he saw six ships from a cross in the sky for several minutes before disappearing into the night. He was able to capture a few grainy images of the UFOs in the cross formation but was unable to get a clear shot from his camera cell phone.

At first John thought the lights were airplanes until he spotted them racing toward each other and coming to a complete stop in the air. He watched on July 26 as more red lights joined and rose vertically to from the shape of a cross.

Mr. Petros recalls calling his son out to the balcony as all of the lights went up into the clouds and disappeared.

While he is not a believer in UFOs, John could not explain what he had witnessed in his first ever UFO sighting. Now he is thinking that "there has got to be something out there."