Remembering Col. Corso and the Roswell Incident

Posted by Robert on December 09, 2008

It has been over a decade since Colonel Philip J. Corso has passed away but still not enough people know of him. Col. Corso was one of the highest ranking military officers with Pentagon credentials who had access to the Roswell crash debris.

The Colonel reported that he had seen an alien body from Roswell and several Pentagon files regarding the Roswell incident. He reported that scientists were able to reverse engineer some of the alien technology that led to breakthroughs in computer and laser technology.

Col. Corso states that the main reason for the government’s cover-up was to keep the Russians in the dark. Col. Corso details this and many other facets of the Roswell incident in his book The Day After Roswell .

In the mean time take a look at this two-part interview that Col. Corso gave NBC in 1997 about a year before his death.



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